Old Love and Compassion Mala

Tibet Arts & Healing

$ 298.00

The Avalokiteshvara Love and Compassion Mala is use for reciting mantra of great compassion 'Om Mani Padme Hung' which is mantra of universal love and compassion. This mantra is the mantra of Avalokiteshvara who is the Bodhisattva of Great compassion. Each syllable of this mantra has a purifying effect on both physical & mental being. The mantra helps to heal and purify negative Emotions.

It is hand-crafted from Yak bone and inlaid with coral and turquoise, known for their healing properties. The Theree metals, copper, silver and brass helps promote healthy blood flow and circulation. Use this Mala and allow its healing properties to radiate through your body, speech and mind.

It has turquoise beads and Carnelian stone on the side with Vajra (Dorje) and Bell (Driwo) which are highly protective spiritual symbol use for subduing negative emotion like anger and transform them into love and compassion. It has one starling silver Avalokiteshvara pendant and one mantra counter which is use each time you finish thousand mantra and its called thousand mantra counter. The counter for mantra recitation are attached on the side which is use for keeping track of how many mantra you recite each day. 

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