Old Tibetan Medicine Mala with Skull

Tibet Arts & Healing

$ 246.00

This Old Tibetan Medicine Mala is use to help the body balance its essential energy. It is hand-crafted from Yak bone and inlaid with coral and turquoise, known for their healing properties. The Theree metals, copper, silver and brass helps promote healthy blood flow and circulation. Use the Meditation Mala and allow its healing properties to radiate through your body.

This Mala is has one Garuda Charm attached to it which is one of the five powerful animal of Tibet symbolizing strength and power. Mala also has mala counter on the side with Vajra (Dorje) and Bell (Driwo) which are symbol of wisdom and compassion with the skillful means. The mala counter is use for keeping track of your daily mantra recitation. The skill charm attached on one side of the Mala is symbolizing impermanent nature of everything thereby we much engage in more compassionate act everyday. 

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