Turquoise Buddha Eye Jizo Necklace Mala

Tibet Arts & Healing

$ 169.00

High quality natural Turquoise stone, strung on a durable cord and two "Buddha Eye" symbol metal bead on the side. The Mala has one beautiful Jizo pendant. 

Jizo is a bodhisattva in Japanese Mahayana Buddhism. He is also a protector of travelers and firefighters; hence his statues can be seen along roadsides.

Buddha Eye or Wisdom eye of buddha symbolize the all-seeing ability of Buddha. Hence, according to Buddhism, we can say that if we are wise, we can see beyond material things. What we then see can is the truth. The world is in a muddle now because people don’t use their eye of Wisdom to see things. People are distracted and deluded by greed, hatred and ignorance. These desires mix them up, or bring them down and then lead us to suffering. People become distressed, depressed, anxious and suffer. These things can be called the darkness of life. Only wisdom will lead the world out of the darkness.

Use this Mala and allow its healing properties to radiate through your body, Speech and Mind.

Size: 10 mm

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