April 25, 2021

 Tibetarts is popularly known for producing and supplying of authentic Tibetan antique Dharma Items all over the world. Each of the antiques have their own historical and religious significance over many decades. These days antique Tibet arts and artifacts are very difficult to find specially in the north and there are very few sellers in North who supplies authentic Tibetan Dharam Items. Following are special items available in Tibet arts store and you can shop from all over the globe.

 Antique Ceramics

Ancient Northern Chinese Tomb Attendant or Chinese. This is a straw glazed tomb attendant from the Chinese history. The tomb figure depicts an servant and is made from moulded ceramics and was straw glazed. The figure is wearing a long robe and seated on the chair with his hands holding his beard position. The figure is in a very good condition and has no cracks or restoration only some glaze wear due to its age.

Old Statues

Tibet arts and healing supply different types of old statues. All of them are kept at very fine condition and quality. Each of the statues signifies a particular religious believe and purpose which you can keep in your home to create a peaceful environment.


 Avalokiteshvara Statue

Height: 25 inches, Weighs approx. 20 lbs.

Avalokiteshvara is the buddha of love and compassion. 

 The Mantra : "OM MANI PADME HUNG"

 Different Types of Mask

Tibet arts and Healing also have different collections of old mask kept in a very fine quality and some of them has religious and historical significance. You can use them for different purposes like Wall decoration, antique collections, gift or to keep in the sacred places.

This Ganesha wall hanging ornate with beautiful natural turquoise and coral, thickly gilded in gold. Hand-done from copper.  Ganesha helps in removing obstacles, bringing peace, harmony, wealth and prosperity.





The Mahakala, or The Great Black One is the protector of all good, dispelling evil spirits and negative forces. The 3 eyes perceive the past, present and future beneath a crown of 5 skulls depicting the 5 delusions: Anger, Desire, Ignorance, Jealousy and Pride, transformed into the wisdom of the Five Buddha families.

Beautifully carved with detailed and lots of creative hand works put in this fine art Mahakala wooden mask. It is one of the kind and a master art decorated with coral and turquoise stones.


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