Antique Silver Burl wood tea cup

Tibetan Burl wood tea cup :

Experience the enchantment of rare Tibetan Burl wood with this extraordinary 19th-century tea cup, crowned with a majestic silver base. Handcrafted with precision and passion, this antique marvel exudes timeless elegance and undeniable rarity. Each swirl and grain of the revered Burl wood tells a story of ancient forests and skilled artisans, making this cup a true testament to the beauty of nature and human craftsmanship. Immaculately preserved and flawlessly finished, it stands as a testament to centuries of tradition and refinement. Whether adorning your tea table or gracing your collection, this exquisite piece promises to captivate and inspire.

Weight : 4.5oz

Diameter : 4.10”

Height : 2.3”

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