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Longevity & Obstacle (Green Tara)

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Green Tara is the Bodhisattva who represents the miraculous activity of the Buddha's in the past, presents and future. She is one of the most highly venerated goddness in Tibetan Buddhism. Her compassion for all livings beings and her desire to same them from all suffering , is said to be stronger than a mother's love for her children. Green Tara is especially known for her power to overcome the most difficult situations, giving protection against dangers and all kinds of fear, Recite her mantra a few times daily and you will be under her protection.


Om : Homage,
Tare : Swift one, heroine,
Tuttarare : Who eliminates fears,
Ture : The Saviouress granting all benefits
Sva-Ha : Worshiped and praised.

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