Protective Mask

 Protective Mask

Handcrafted with a blend of tradition and artistry, this remarkable mask embodies the essence of joy and shields your space from unwelcome energies. Its sizeable dimensions make it a noticeable addition, radiating its protective aura throughout your home. Embrace the power of positivity and protection with our Protective Joy-Bringing Mask. Possess a guardian that not only embellishes your home but also safeguards it, ensuring a haven of joy and serenity." It has three Healing Metals.

Infused with the power to ward off negativity, this mask is designed to channel joyful energies and repel unwanted influences. Its purpose is not only to adorn your space but also to serve as a guardian against ill omens, keeping your home filled with positivity and happiness.

Height : 14”

Width : 12.5”

Weight : 2.7 Lbs


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