The Medicine Mala

Medicine Mala

Size: 12 mm

Discription: This old medicine mala is from Bodhi Seed that comes Bodhi tree where Buddha finally attained enlightenment under this tree. It is inlaid with turquoise and coral which in Tibetan are healing stones often used in ancient Tibetan medicines. It is also engraved with 3 healing metal, which helps good blood circulations and for vein related problems.
The mala is attached with mala counter set and hundred thousand mala counter. It also has Bell & Vajra symbol on old brass amulet, symbol of Wisdom & Compassion and old brass Phurbu overcoming negative energy. And Manjushri sword pendant that cuts through ignorance, and inviting wisdom and clarity.
Towards the end is the hand carved laughing Buddha head for joy and happiness in life.

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