Amitayus old Thangka for Longevity


Embark on a journey of longevity and spiritual vitality with our exquisite Amitayus thangka, meticulously handcrafted by skilled Tibetan artisans. This stunning artwork beautifully embodies Amitayus, the Buddha of Infinite Life and Longevity in Tibetan Buddhism. Adorned with intricate details and imbued with vibrant colors, this thangka emanates an aura of eternal blessings and vitality. The depiction of Amitayus, surrounded by sacred symbols, invokes a sense of serenity and profound spiritual energy. Whether as a centerpiece for your sacred space or a cherished meditation aid, this authentic thangka serves as a powerful reminder of the pursuit of long life and spiritual fulfillment. Invite the blessings of Amitayus into your life and space, fostering an atmosphere of enduring health, well-being, and spiritual abundance. Elevate your home or meditation area with the timeless beauty and auspicious aura of this meticulously crafted thangka, an embodiment of longevity and spiritual grace.

Painting Size : 11” x 14.5”

Full Size : 21” x 34”

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