Avalokiteshvara Gold Gilded Statue

  Avalokiteshvara is a revered Bodhisattva in Buddhism, embodying compassion. Avalokiteshvara symbolizes the ability to reach out and help countless beings.It  is a central figure in various Buddhist traditions and holds a significant place in the hearts of followers seeking compassion and guidance.This masterpiece made out of bronze and  meticulously gilded with 22-carat gold. this enchanting creation radiates a lively aura, capturing the essence of divine beauty. Handcrafted with intricate details, every feature comes alive, making it a captivating addition to any collection.

Key Features:

- Size: 24 inches in Height 
- Weight: 39lbs
- Material: Brass and gilded gold 
- Handcrafted for precision and artistry
- A symbol of enlightenment, compassion, and inner peace.

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