Baltic Amber Mala

Baltic Amber Mala

A radiant fusion of natural beauty and spiritual significance. Each 8mm bead, meticulously crafted from authentic Baltic amber, exudes warmth and vitality, inviting you to connect with the earth's ancient energy.

Enhanced by two old turquoise spacers, this Mala is a harmonious blend of tradition and elegance. The vibrant turquoise accents infuse the Mala with healing energy, promoting balance and inner peace.

At its heart, a silver vajra adds a touch of divine symbolism, representing thunderbolts of enlightenment and the indestructible nature of the mind. Let its presence inspire clarity and resilience as you navigate life's journey.

Completing this sacred strand is a turquoise guru bead, serving as a focal point for meditation and spiritual practice. Allow its serene energy to guide you towards deeper introspection and self-discovery.

Bead Size : 8mm


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