Five Prone Silver Bell and Vajra

Five Prone Silver Bell and Vajra

Handcrafted from solid 925 silver metal and resting on a base of five metals. Guaranteed to produce exceptional, long-lasting soothing sounds, this set is more than just a tool—it's a gateway to deeper understanding and connection.

The Bell embodies the divine feminine, symbolizing compassion and the path to enlightenment. Its melodic tones resonate with the nurturing energy of the universe, guiding you along your journey with grace and empathy.

Complementing the Bell, the Vajra represents the unwavering strength and profound wisdom of the masculine. Through its methodical approach, the Vajra empowers you to overcome obstacles and achieve spiritual clarity, forging a path of resilience and enlightenment. Together the Bell and Vajra form a harmonious union, embodying the balance of opposites and the completion of each other. As you embrace their symbiotic energy, you'll unlock new dimensions of insight and transformation in your spiritual practice.

Weight : 1lbs 

Diameter : 8”x4”

Varjra Height : 5”

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