This antique detailed hand made Phurba is called Hayagriva Phurba, Phurba is sometimes called a "magic dagger", a tantric ritual object used to conquer evil spirits to destroy obstacles. They are sometimes utilized in magic rituals by high level tantric practitioners. The word phurba is used primarily in Central Tibet, while the word phurbu is used more often in Kham, Amdo and Ladakh.
This phurba is of the deity Hayagriva. Since Hayagriva is one of the deities who conquer nagas [water spirits], it is especially useful to cure illnesses caused by nagas, such as skin diseases.

This Hayagriva phurba is made in three separate pieces. The bottom part represent Garuta, the middle part is Vajra which represent Vajrapani, the top part is Hayagriva.

Material: Fine copper, partly gilded in gold.

Phurba size: Height: 50"

Lotus flower wooden base: Height: 12"

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