Lion Face Dakini

Lion Face Dakini ( Sangdongma )

 This exquisite mask, intricately crafted, portrays the lion-faced Dakini, a symbol of fierce protection and transformative power in Tibetan Buddhist tradition. Its generous dimensions command attention, making it a stunning centerpiece in any space. Every finely etched line and meticulously carved feature brings forth the essence of ancient wisdom and spiritual grace. Its striking appearance serves as a potent symbol of strength and transformation, inviting auspicious energies into your surroundings.

Symbolizing the triumph of wisdom and fearlessness, the lion-faced Dakini exudes an aura of spiritual fortitude and courage. The mask's detailed design intricacies capture the essence of this powerful celestial being, emanating an air of mystical allure. Beyond its artistic splendor, this mask offers a gateway to deeper spiritual realms, making it a revered piece for meditation, spiritual practice, or as an iconic collector's item. It's a perfect choice for enthusiasts of esoteric art, seekers of spiritual growth, or those drawn to the mystique of ancient cultures.

Height  : 16”

Width : 10”

Weight : 8.12 lbs


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