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Mahakala Phurba

Tibet Arts & Healing

$ 3,412.00

This Mahakala Phurba (Spiritual Dagger) is a very old solid Silver gold gilded with Crystal and many other precious gemstones. A museum piece, adorned and inlaid with old coral and turquoise stones, with a pure hand-carved crystal dagger at the tip. The top of the Phurba has four Mahakala heads brilliantly hand-carved out of solid silver and turquoise stones.This piece is an excellent example of the absolute finest in highly-detailed hand-workmanship. The Mahakala, or The Great Black One is the protector of all good, dispelling evil spirits and negative forces. The 3 eyes perceive the past, present and future beneath a crown of 5 skulls depicting the 5 delusions: Anger, Desire, Ignorance, Jealousy and Pride, transformed into the wisdom of the Five Buddha families.

Material: Solid Silver with old gilded and Gemstones.

Height: 21 inches, Weighs approx. 1 kg.


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