Old Amber Mala

Old Amber Mala

A cherished relic steeped in history and imbued with timeless elegance. Each bead, crafted from authentic amber, exudes warmth and vitality, inviting you to connect with the earth's ancient energy.

Enhanced with vibrant turquoise spacers and traditional Tibetan dzi spacers, this Mala is a testament to the beauty of cultural fusion and spiritual harmony. Let the turquoise infuse your being with tranquility and balance, while the dzi spacers serve as powerful talismans for protection and prosperity.

At the heart of this sacred creation lies a mala counter adorned with the image of a Happy Buddha, radiating joy and abundance. Allow the infectious smile of the Buddha to uplift your spirits and guide you on a path of positivity and enlightenment.

Bead Size : 18mm Disc Shape 

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