Old Bodhi Seed Mala

Old Bodhi Seed Mala

Steeped in history and spiritual significance. This cherished relic, carries the wisdom of generations within its worn beads. Each bead, aged and imbued with stories of devotion, is adorned with a silver Wheel of Dharma spacer, symbolizing the path to enlightenment.

Embrace the journey of self-discovery with our Old Bodhi Seed Mala, featuring a Katika Cutting through Ignorance spacer to guide you towards clarity and understanding. The presence of two Mala counters, the Bell and Vajra, invites mindfulness and focus into your spiritual practice.

As a constant reminder of life's impermanence, a Skull Head adorns this mala, urging you to cherish each moment. Additionally, a Skull Bone carved phurba and Wisdom Sword evoke the power of transformation and insight.

Experience the antique allure of our Old Bodhi Seed Mala, crafted from a revered Bodhi Tree with a rich history. this mala promises to enrich your spiritual journey and connect you with the timeless wisdom of the ages. Unlock the secrets of the past and embrace the beauty of impermanence with this extraordinary piece of sacred artistry.

Bead Size : 10mm 

One size fits all 

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