Old Mahakala Mask

Old Mahakala mask

Handcrafted with intricate detail, this vintage Mahakala mask exudes a commanding presence, capturing the fierce yet benevolent essence of the revered deity. Its substantial size ensures that it stands out as a striking centerpiece in any space.

A symbol of ultimate protection and transcendence, Mahakala embodies the forces that conquer negativity and usher in positivity. Crafted with reverence, this mask echoes the divine strength and wisdom attributed to this powerful deity. Every line and contour of this mask speaks volumes about its rich cultural significance and spiritual symbolism. Its formidable appearance serves as a testament to warding off obstacles and inviting auspicious energies into your surroundings.

Beyond being an exquisite work of art, this mask serves as a focal point for spiritual practice or as a statement piece in your collection. It's an ideal choice for enthusiasts of esoteric art, practitioners of spiritual traditions, or anyone seeking an iconic symbol of spiritual strength.

Height : 17” 

Width : 12” 

Weight : 5.13 lbs


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