Old Used Bodhi Seed Mala

Old Bodhi Seed Mala

A sacred masterpiece infused with ancient wisdom and divine energy. Crafted with reverence and care, each 12mm bead bears the essence of spiritual enlightenment and inner transformation, At the pinnacle of this sacred strand, old shell Guru beads exude a timeless elegance, guiding you on your journey towards enlightenment. Enhanced by the presence of a phurba and Vajra mala counter, this Mala serves as a powerful tool for tracking your spiritual progress and deepening your practice.

Interspersed with two Jade spacers, this Mala promotes harmony and balance, while the Medicine Buddha charm offers healing and blessings. The Tibetan melong, with its ability to bring the energy of the 12 zodiac symbols, infuses the Mala with cosmic vibrations and celestial guidance.

Completing this divine creation is a silver Vajra Thunderbolt, symbolizing strength and wisdom, and an old coral spacer, representing vitality and protection. Paired with a bell, this Mala creates a harmonious symphony of sound and spirit, uplifting the soul and inspiring inner peace.

Bead Size : 12mm

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