Ravana Mask

Crafted with exquisite artistry, this vintage Ravana mask captures the enigmatic persona of the mythical king. Its sizable dimensions ensure it commands attention, making it a captivating focal point in any space, An old piece made of seasoned wood and decorated with old ruthraksh. Every nuanced detail etched into this mask speaks volumes about the richness of ancient tales and cultural symbolism. Its formidable appearance carries an air of both mystery and power, inviting deeper contemplation into the layers of Ravana's character.

Ravana, a revered figure in Hindu mythology, represents a complex interplay of intelligence, power, and duality. This intricately designed mask portrays his nuanced features, showcasing the artistry and storytelling inherent in its creation.

Beyond its artistic allure, this mask serves as a portal to explore the depths of ancient narratives or as a stunning display piece. It's an ideal choice for collectors, enthusiasts of mythology, or those fascinated by the tales of heroism and complexity in ancient legends.

Height : 15”

Width : 13”

Weight : 3.42 Lbs


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