Red Coral Mala

Red Coral Mala

A sacred adornment infused with vibrant energy and spiritual significance. Crafted from authentic red coral beads, each one exudes passion, vitality, and strength, inviting you to embrace your inner fire and unleash your true potential.

Enhancing the beauty of this Mala are two silver Vajra spacers, symbolizing power, resilience, and spiritual mastery. Interspersed between these spacers are eight old turquoise bead spacers, adding a touch of serenity and balance to the design and at the Mala's counter, silver Guru beads and a bell charm serve as symbols of guidance and enlightenment. Let the gentle chime of the bell awaken your spirit and inspire mindfulness, while the Guru beads remind you of the wisdom and teachings that guide your journey.

Bead Size : 7mm Disc Shape 

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