Rudraksh Mala

Old Rudraksha Mala

A sacred relic steeped in tradition and imbued with divine energy. Crafted from authentic Rudraksha beads, each one bearing the marks of time and devotion, this Mala serves as a potent tool for spiritual practice and inner transformation.

At the heart of this sacred strand, a protective note tassel gently sways, serving as a reminder of divine guidance and safeguarding against negative influences. With its subtle presence, the tassel adds a touch of grace and elegance to the Mala.

Interspersed between the Rudraksha beads are two ancient turquoise spacers, symbolizing protection, healing, and balance. These spacers enhance the Mala's energy, creating a harmonious flow of vibrations that resonate with the wearer's spiritual essence.

A single crystal quartz bead further amplifies the Mala's potency, infusing it with clarity, purification, and heightened spiritual awareness.

Bead Size : 8mm

One size fits all 


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