Skull Iron Mala

Skull Iron Mala

Skull Iron Mala, a testament to artisanal craftsmanship and spiritual reverence. Each 12mm bead is meticulously hand-carved from iron, featuring the powerful Mahakala Phurbu emblem, symbolizing protection and transcendence. The intricate details of the mala exude a mesmerizing beauty, making it a unique statement piece for any spiritual practitioner or collector. Embrace the fusion of strength and spirituality with our Skull Iron Mala, where each bead carries the essence of ancient wisdom and divine protection. Elevate your meditation practice and adorn yourself with this exquisite Mala. Unlock the transformative power of Mahakala Phurbu with our hand-carved Skull Iron Mala today.

Bead Size : 12mm

One size Fits all 

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