Antique Silver Burl wood tea cup

Tibetan Burl wood tea cup: 

Step into a world of timeless elegance with this exceptional 19th-century Tibetan Burl wood tea cup, where rarity meets refinement. Crafted with care from the revered Burl wood, renowned for its scarcity and exquisite beauty, this antique treasure is a testament to the artistry of generations past. Adorned with a sterling silver base and lined with silver inside, every detail speaks to the unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail of its makers. Impeccably preserved and radiating with historical charm, this tea cup is more than just a vessel; it's a piece of living history. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or savored with your favorite blend, let its presence enrich your surroundings and ignite conversations.

Weight : 4.2oz

Diameter : 4”

Height : 2”

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