Tibetan Charm Locket

Tibetan Charm Locket

Meticulously crafted from solid silver and adorned with exquisite 22-carat gold metalwork on the front. At its heart lies the VisvaVajra, the most powerful symbol known to dispel ignorance and invite wisdom into one's life. This sacred piece not only serves as a symbol of enlightenment but also offers practicality with a discreet opening at the back, perfect for storing medicine pills or personal secrets close to your heart. Embrace the harmony of ancient craftsmanship and modern functionality with this timeless treasure, designed to elevate your spiritual journey and adorn you with divine protection and wisdom. Unlock the mysteries of the universe and carry the power of the VisvaVajra with you wherever you go, as you embark on a path of enlightenment and inner peace."

Weight : 1oz

Diamater : 1.9”x1.5”

Height : 4cm

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