Tibetan Turquoise Charm Necklace

Tibetan Turquoise Charm Necklace

A masterpiece of timeless beauty and cultural heritage. Crafted from authentic old Tibetan barrel-shaped turquoise beads, each measuring an impressive 18mm, this necklace exudes a majestic aura that captivates the soul, embrace the rich history and spiritual significance of Tibetan tradition as you adorn yourself with this exquisite piece. The addition of two ancient red coral beads adds a pop of color and further enhances the necklace's allure, infusing it with energy and vitality.

At the center of attention lies a captivating locket, intricately designed and imbued with the essence of luck and protection. This locket, with its ability to be opened and used as a lucky charm, serves as a tangible symbol of hope and fortune, guiding you on your journey through life's twists and turns.

Whether worn as a statement piece or cherished for its symbolic significance, our Tibetan Turquoise Charm Necklace is sure to elevate any ensemble and inspire admiration wherever you go. Embrace the spirit of the Himalayas and channel the wisdom of ancient traditions with this exquisite piece of wearable art.

Size : 22 inch round neck 

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