Vintage Hand-Carved Kama Sutra Pose Wooden Block

Vintage Hand-Carved Kama Sutra Pose Wooden Block - Exquisite Art Piece from the Past

This Vintage Hand-Carved Kama Sutra Pose Wooden Block. Crafted nearly a century ago, this exquisite art piece encapsulates the beauty and allure of ancient craftsmanship.Delicately carved from fine wood, each intricate detail portrays a captivating scene from the iconic Kama Sutra, immortalizing moments of passion and intimacy. The rich history and cultural significance embodied within this block add depth and character to any space it graces.As a collector's item or a unique statement piece for your home decor, this relic from the past invites conversation and admiration. Whether displayed on a mantel, shelf, or as a centerpiece, its authenticity and charm will mesmerize all who behold it.

Frame Size : 9x7.5”

Frame Width : 8cm

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